Friday, October 23, 2009

Michigan Trip.........

So I'm still trying to catch up on my blogging from this summer, so just try to stay with me on this.

The Foster Family Reunion was this summer and the boys and I flew back for the events (Brett stayed behind to apply for new jobs as he was getting laid off- he found one, yeah). The reunion was held in Milwaukee this year, so we flew in a day before all the event were to happen. It was the first flight that the boys remember so it was a lot of fun for them. Ben did alright once the Benedryl kicked in.

The Reunion was a blast. They are every 3 years, and with school and babies and such we haven't made it back for about 9 years and it was fun to see all those realatives I never see. It was especially nice to visit with my Grandma, aunts, uncles and 1st cousins. The Gene Foster clan didn't have its normally large showing, but it was fun none the less. I was so happy my brother and his family were there, as we don't see them much since their move to Virginia. We attended the dinner, dance, and picnic the next day, themn drove up to Ishpeming, MI. ( about 6 hours north).

The first 3 or 4 days were so cold, and I was wishing I had packed winter clothes, but it soon warmed up. We enjoyed swimming almost everyday. Most of the time we spent visiting with family. I took the boys on a great "tour of my life" including driving by my old houses, schools, playgrounds and church (I know it was the highlight of their trip just ask We got to see my aunt Bedi's new log home that is nearly done. I felt spoiled by my aunt Cindy as we stayed at her house and she cooked and catered to us. I can't thank her enough.

It was a wonderful trip, we almost were stuck in Atlanta for a few days on the return trip. Ask me about that someday! I mean how does it make sense to go from Michigan to Atlanta to Utah! I missed Brett more than ever and I learned to admire single parents. I'm glad I was able to show the boys my stomping grounds, and learned to love our relatives more.
This is aunt Cindy and Ben as we waited for the 4th of July fireworks to start in Michigamme.

This is the boys by lake Superior after the weather cleared up.

This is a picture of Mat after swimming in Lake Superior when it was 52 degrees outside. He was so pink when he got out, I put my had on his chest and it left my handprint. And for those of you that have never felt lake Superior, it is too cold to swim in when it's 90 degrees outside!
Just a cute picture of Ben on one of those cold days.
My boys and my Brother Gain's Boys all went in the lake on that cold day. What kind of parents let their kids do that.
This is on a cold day that we went for a ride to see the lake. It was freezing.
These are the only two members of my grandpa Gene's family. He was one of 17 kids in that family. This is Aunt Janie and Aunt Joyce.
This was all that was there from Gene's group. This is only 25 of 65.

Ben in front of a lion at the Milwaukee Zoo.

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Chantelle Abarca said...

That looked like an awesome trip. It sucks that Brett wasn´t able to go, but I am glad that he found a job.