Friday, October 23, 2009

Michigan Trip.........

So I'm still trying to catch up on my blogging from this summer, so just try to stay with me on this.

The Foster Family Reunion was this summer and the boys and I flew back for the events (Brett stayed behind to apply for new jobs as he was getting laid off- he found one, yeah). The reunion was held in Milwaukee this year, so we flew in a day before all the event were to happen. It was the first flight that the boys remember so it was a lot of fun for them. Ben did alright once the Benedryl kicked in.

The Reunion was a blast. They are every 3 years, and with school and babies and such we haven't made it back for about 9 years and it was fun to see all those realatives I never see. It was especially nice to visit with my Grandma, aunts, uncles and 1st cousins. The Gene Foster clan didn't have its normally large showing, but it was fun none the less. I was so happy my brother and his family were there, as we don't see them much since their move to Virginia. We attended the dinner, dance, and picnic the next day, themn drove up to Ishpeming, MI. ( about 6 hours north).

The first 3 or 4 days were so cold, and I was wishing I had packed winter clothes, but it soon warmed up. We enjoyed swimming almost everyday. Most of the time we spent visiting with family. I took the boys on a great "tour of my life" including driving by my old houses, schools, playgrounds and church (I know it was the highlight of their trip just ask We got to see my aunt Bedi's new log home that is nearly done. I felt spoiled by my aunt Cindy as we stayed at her house and she cooked and catered to us. I can't thank her enough.

It was a wonderful trip, we almost were stuck in Atlanta for a few days on the return trip. Ask me about that someday! I mean how does it make sense to go from Michigan to Atlanta to Utah! I missed Brett more than ever and I learned to admire single parents. I'm glad I was able to show the boys my stomping grounds, and learned to love our relatives more.
This is aunt Cindy and Ben as we waited for the 4th of July fireworks to start in Michigamme.

This is the boys by lake Superior after the weather cleared up.

This is a picture of Mat after swimming in Lake Superior when it was 52 degrees outside. He was so pink when he got out, I put my had on his chest and it left my handprint. And for those of you that have never felt lake Superior, it is too cold to swim in when it's 90 degrees outside!
Just a cute picture of Ben on one of those cold days.
My boys and my Brother Gain's Boys all went in the lake on that cold day. What kind of parents let their kids do that.
This is on a cold day that we went for a ride to see the lake. It was freezing.
These are the only two members of my grandpa Gene's family. He was one of 17 kids in that family. This is Aunt Janie and Aunt Joyce.
This was all that was there from Gene's group. This is only 25 of 65.

Ben in front of a lion at the Milwaukee Zoo.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

High School Flashback!

Last night I drove past West Jordan High School. The football lights were on and I had a fun flashback to 1989.............. It was the year my school, Kearns High won the state football championship, and my group of friends and I didn't miss a game. The particular game at West Jordan was fun.

Most of our group didn't have cars yet, so we tried to catch a ride with whoever could get us there. We didn't want to get dropped off by parents, because that would be embarrassing. So we chose that night to get a ride in the White's very large and very old baby blue station wagon. Somehow in our minds that was not as embarrassing, go figure.

The game was fun, we won of course, but after the game was the part I remember the most. We were all very excited, cheering and laughing. We all piled into the car, and because of the size of the car, "all" included soooo many of us. Scott White and about 6 of his friends were all squished into the "way back" because they were the youngest of the group, never mind the fact it was his car too. Most of my friends, over 5 or so were in the back seat, some on laps, with the ones on bottom complaining of bony butts digging into their legs. I got the privilege of riding up front because I was dating the driver (I always went for the guys with the "cool cars" That night Steph was sitting next to me in the front, the car was fancy enough to include bench seats. We were singing very loudly "sowing the seeds of love" into our fists, when Greg started revving the engine very loudly over and over again, and jerking the car forward over and over again. I think he knew we were all embarrassed to be seen in the car and was going to make sure everyone in the parking lot noticed us. Steph and I ducked down in the front, but those in the back had no where to move, Greg just waved to everyone still revving and jerking forward.

I can't believe that was 20 years ago. I am still close with most of those friends, I still turn up the song "sowing the seeds of love" really loud and sing into my fist, and I drive a minivan that will most likely haul many crazy teenagers to a game at West Jordan, who themselves will be embarrassed to be seen in that vehicle.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Finally an update!!!!!!!

So everyone can see I'm not too good at this whole blogging thing. I am going to try a bit harder. I have lots to catch up on.

In the spring, Mother's Day to be exact (yes I'm going back that far), we went to Zion's Ponderosa. It was a whole celebration of sorts for Wendy and Chad. They went and got married last fall in a civil ceremony, in which only my parents were in attendance. So they wanted to have a fun weekend party with our family and Chad's, a get to know you kinda thing. We all had the best time.

My mom and I wanted to do a silly "mock ceremony" just for fun. It's exactly why Wendy didn't want to have a big ceremony in the first place. We decorated the cabin, got a wedding cake, made them wear hats that said bride and groom, had her walk down the stairs to meet Chad, you know the whole bit. My Dad said a few words, that had us both laughing and crying, Jenny wrote a beautiful poem which she read with not a dry eye in the bunch. I also had a video made with pictures of them together set to nice music. It was a lot of fun, and Wendy and Chad were good sports about it.

The whole weekend we all had a blast. There were a million things to do, and we really tried to do them all. The Ranch has an activity barn with all kids of games. The kids and some of the adults did the zip line. I have to say it was hilarious watching my Mom scream all the way through the ride. Other activities that we did were, horse back riding, the climbing wall, rifle shooting, ATV rides, tennis, a horseshoe tournament, swimming and hiking. It was a non-traditional wedding reception, but the funnest I have ever been to. It was wonderful to meet and get to know Chads family who flew in from Atlanta. His mom was there along with his brother, sister in law, a niece, a nephew, cousins and an aunt.

Jenny reading her poem.

Wendy and Chad!

Drew with the gun.

Mat and the gun. Nick did it too.

Ben chillin' in the sun.

Eddie and Danny loved chauffeuring everyone around in the golf cart.

The big horseshoe tournament.

My lovely sisters and I on a hike in Zions Park.

The boys and grandma on horseback. Mat and someone in the activity barn playing ping-pong.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dog People........

I just got back from a walk with the boys and the dog. We went to a small park near our house. I have to say that we are now "dog people". Its strange, we would have gone for the same walk last year and ran into the same people, but when you have a dog it's all different. They stop and talk to you, ask you about What kind is yours?", How long have you had her?, "Can I pet her?" I feel like I know all about them by the time they leave. And if they have a dog also..........its like an instant friendship. Sometimes a friendship I may not want.

Today there was a lady walking her dog in the park and after 5 minutes I know her dog is a miniature chihuahua, she works as a secretary for a law firm, her house is too small for her, she is having car trouble, she thinks the city should clean up the park, she thinks too many kids are not getting the correct supervision and that's why our country is going downhill, she has only lived in the area for a year, her dog doesn't like kids, she went to the Humane Society to pick out a dog but thought it was too sad, she had toast for breakfast and probably a few other things a tuned out as I was trying to watch Ben go down the slide my himself (which was so cute and definitely the highlight of the morning). I guess I will have to get used to all the attention we will get with such cute dog around.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another Girl in the family................?

That's right, I am no longer the only female in the house. After many years of waiting, (a lifetime Mat says) we have added a pet to the family. Her name is Aussie, a mini Australian shepherd about 6 months old.

The rest of the clan has wanted a dog for years and years, but I have held out. Don't get me wrong, I love dogs, I grew up with dogs, my parents have always had dogs and I have always wanted to get one for the boys. It was a matter of timing. I always said when we (as in me) were done having babies we would get a dog.

We told the boys we were going for a ride and drove to the Humane Society. Needless to say, they were beyond excited. I made sure before we left the car to go in that we would under no circumstances be getting a puppy or any dog with long hair (look at the pictures to see we got a long haired puppy). We didn't get one that day, as only 3 small dogs were there that day. We continued to look online everyday. One day there happened to be many small dogs available so we went to check them out. We took many dogs out to see if they were the best fit for us, and it was beginning to look like we would be leaving again without a dog. That is when one of the workers put HER in a cage. I thought she was cute, but was not thinking anything of it as I had made things clear that we would not be getting a long haired dog or a puppy. At this point, Mat was begging me to just let her out for a minute to show Brett who was in the other room. I was holding firm, when Drew looked at me with his big blues (tear filled no less), and said "Mom it's not just about you." So that broke my heart and I agreed to give the pup a chance. We walked out with her and Brett just looked straight at me and said "DUDE", at which point I knew we would be taking this long haired puppy home.

I have to say it has been wonderful. She has had only a few accidents in the house. She is very smart and has already learned, sit, stay, spin, and scratches at the sliding glass door when she needs to do her business. The boys love her and have been very helpful with feeding and cleaning up poop in the yard. The day after we had her home, Brett must have called from work 10-15 times to check up on me. Many more times than he called after the birth of the boys. All I can say is that he must trust my mothering skills a lot more than my pet skills. Anyway I think this little dog was meant to be a part of our clan.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Last "first" haircut.........

So this last year has been a lot of "last firsts". Let me explain. Since Ben is our last child, its been a bit sad as we reach certain milestones. The "last" time any of our kids have their "first" Christmas, "last" time they will "first" crawl, "last" time they will have their "first" steps and so on, you all get the picture. It's sad in a way, but also exciting, because we also experienced the "last" time a baby will "first" spit, poop, or pee on me. The "last" time a baby will "first" sleep though the night, the "last" "first" head bang while learning to crawl or walk.

We recently took Ben to get his "first" haircut. We went to a place near us called Cookie Cutters. They specialize in children's haircuts. They did a fabulous job. I was quite surprised he sat still long enough to get it done. The place lets you pick out a video to watch to try and help the child stay still. Ben has not been to interested in movies or T.V. except for the few times he will glance at the T.V. when he hears music playing on a commercial. We picked out an Elmo something and he liked it for a few minutes. Then Brett and I tried desperately to entertain him long enough so the haircut could be completed. We must have looked quite strange making funny faces, singing and dancing around in the salon. The haircut turned out cute I think.

This is a shot a few days before. Love those baby "wisps" on the sides.

This is the little playground they had for while we were waiting.

Check out how long his hair was.

In the little car. He wouldn't wear the cape so he was completely covered in hair.

Getting it all done.

The final result.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


"To the outside world we all grow old. But not to brothers and sisters. We know each other as we always were. We know each other's hearts. We share private family jokes. We remember family feuds and secrets, family griefs and joys. We live outside the touch of time. " Clara Ortega

This year was a fabulous Christmas. The festivities began with our family party at my parents house. Everyone arrived late afternoon. Uncle Stu and family, Auntie Mary, Joni and Laurie with kids (Carlos was in Peru), Lindsay and family, Dale and Maggie, Wendy (no Chad, he had to work and Eddie was with his dad), Jenny and family were all there. This year we had a talent show. Danny who is incredibly talented on the guitar played a few Christmas numbers. Mat joined in on his guitar, along with a few others on the bells. (You never can have too many bells at Christmas- this and all the younger kids wanted to play also). Kiara sang, and Channing played the piano also.It was a night full of fun, food, and games. We ended up leaving late and getting home around 11 pm.

Under the tree at our house some elves had left gifts for the boys. They opened them and surprise........ they were new pajamas. They quickly changed and set up sleeping quarters in the office (it's a tradition my brother and sisters had also, something about being all together, and no one getting up before the other Christmas morning). I had to work a 1 am to 7 am shift so shortly after the kids were in bed I was off to work (I knew going into nursing I would have to work holidays, but it didn't make it any easier). The boys had been complaining for weeks that they couldn't open presents until I came home at about 8 in the morning. I came home and much to my surprise everyone was asleep. It didn't last long however, they were up only minutes after I had come in.

We decided to let Ben sleep while we started to open presents, I figured it was going to be a long day for him. Santa was good to the boys this year. They each got a Nintendo DS (well not Ben of course). They got games to go along with them, wii games, DVDs and other things. Ben woke up when we were almost done opening things. He didn't really want anything to do with opening his gifts, he was just excited to be in the room which for weeks prior had been gated off and off limits to him.

We all got ready for the day and headed off to Scott and Robyns for the Scharman gathering. We always enjoy getting together with the whole family. It was nice to see Carolyn in a setting other then the hospital and I know she was really excited to see all the kids. I love Scott and Robyn for opening their home for us, it was beautifully decorated. They have a very long soft comfy couch. Carolyn had her feet up on one end and Amy (who broke her knee) had her feet up on the other end, and there was still room for Chris, Aubreya, mat and I to sit. The food was wonderful, as always, and the kids always have such a fun time in the huge playroom, indoor gym and theater room.

By the time we got home I had been up for over 36 hrs and I went right to sleep. Brett stayed up and played some of the new games with the boys. I love Christmas and all the fun we have together as a small family and with all the extended family.

The boys in their new jammies, Ben was still asleep.

The boys in their jammies after Ben woke up.

The boys in their face masks, no we are not training them for any illegal activities.

Ben finally awake and happy.

The boys in their new jersey's of their favorite teams.

Nick, Zachary, and Mat on their DS's while Carolyn takes a nap.

Ben and Brooke playing.